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Balkissaleh (b.1997) visual and video artist majored in time based (department of fine art UiTM) ‘beauty of art’ painting exhibition di sangkring art 2. stART X JALAK 2020 art group exhibition di kuala lumpur 3. visions & reality di studio kalahan 4.CONTEMPLATING ALTERNATIVES di gajah gallery 5. ‘TRACES’ a solo exhibition by rawraw

lán sè (2020)
Video Art – Performance
Durasi :
The artwork “Lànse” form the Chinese word which is “blue color “, the idea is about coronavirus we all know that it kills human every single day, it makes all people live in fear and confinement. This video does not convey information but to show emotions.

Video Art – Performance
Durasi :
KHAUF is defined as “fear”. This video portrays the misconception of Islam that has been happening within the muslim communities themselves. We can’t blame on those who couldn’t understand what Islam actually is since they are only following those who are scared of the truth about islam. The question is how can the muslims themselves could be the root cause of this misconceptions about Islam? Only the minorities would fight for islam while the existence of KHAUF within the muslim communities is indeed becoming a majority.

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