Pemuda Harapan Kampung

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Pemuda harapan kampung adalah kelompok seni yang diinisiasi oleh pemuda-pemudi desa Subontoro, Tambakboyo, Tuban.

Interactive instalation
Ramadan is a special month for the residents of our village, a village where the majority of the population is Muslim. Apart from just competing to collect merits during the day by fasting and doing good at each other, at night we are competing to make the most melodious music possible with any musical instrument to wake people up for sahur, which we often call klotekan. However, this year Ramadan is quite different from the previous year. This Ramadan is quite lonely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which requires us to stay at home and limit ourselves from gathering. Of course, a situation like this automatically makes the activity of playing a musical instrument which incidentally is in a group threatened not to exist. However, we are not discouraged, we are the Pemuda Harapan Kampung group or often referred to as PHK, which is a community initiative community working in the application of creative and effective processes in the socio-cultural field. We took the time to throw ideas to each other and ended up making a strategy by responding to the bicycle as a tool to regularly sound various sound instruments. The results of this trial are enough to be carried out alone and not leaving the spirit of locality, namely by presenting several simple musical instruments attached to the bicycle. The media used started with simple objects, including a plastic drum, 2 bamboo sticks, a glass bottle and a tambourine made from a soft drink bottle cap.

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